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Aerial Imagery

Newport Geographic can provide aerial imagery prints of any area in the entire continental U.S. The aerial imagery is typically 1-meter in resolution. It covers urban as well as agricultural and non-agricultural areas. In most cases this is the same imagery that is used in Google Maps and Google Earth, at the highest zoom levels, for all but large urban areas. For large urban areas, Google Maps and Google Earth utilize 1-meter and 2-meter satellite imagery, not this aerial imagery.

The entire 48 states is flown over a multi-year cycle so the most current imagery, for a given state, may be from as early as 2006. 2009 imagery is available now for the majority but not all states. 2010 imagery will become available in the spring of 2011. We use the most current imagery available, unless requested otherwise.

We can customize any image by adding latitude, longitude, administrative boundaries, city and county names etc. The image or map will usually be in Universal Transverse Mercator projection.

(For more information on our aerial imagery, refer to the Aerial Imagery Sources section of our F.A.Q.)

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