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Google Maps

Newport Geographic creates Satellite Map Prints using TruEarth® 15-meter imagery by TerraMetrics, Inc. This is the very same imagery that is used in Google Maps and Google Earth, without the watermarks, of course. TruEarth® 15-meter imagery provides complete, best-available, natural-color, substantially cloud-free, global land coverage (except Antarctica) at 15-meters-per-pixel resolution.

All imagery is georeferenced and all derived maps conform to a known map projection and datum. The maps will usually include major administrative boundaries, latitude & Longitude and a map scale. The result is maps that surpass what can be found in Google Earth and Google Maps.

We limit area of cover for a given print size, to ensure high resolution and print detail. Typical values are as follows, an 18"x24" print will cover no less than 33.6x41.9 miles and a 60"x75" print no less than 186x233 miles.

This imagery is NOT the high resolution imagery where cars and houses can be seen. For that level of detail, 1-meter imagery is required and can be found in our Aerial Imagery category.