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Newport Geographic produces satellite imagery maps of each of the seven continents. They can be printed in large sizes with no loss in detail since the satellite imagery we use is from large data sets. (For maps of continents plaque mounts can be up to 48"x53", and giclee prints up to 58"x64" in size or up to 90"x100" for tile murals).

All continent maps feature land cover (topography), a latitude - longitude grid and national borders. They are available with a choice of satellite imagery, with the option to include ocean bathymetry or showing the continent in different seasons or even depicting a particular month of the year. An appropriate map projection is used for each continent, typical projections include Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, Polar Stereographic and Two Point Equidistant.

They can be customized to add country names, capital cities or just about any other customization needed.